2017-02-04 / H.1308 (Rolin)

Hour Title Speaker
10:30 Python Winding Itself Around Datacubes Peter Baumann
11:00 MSS - Software for planning research aircraft missions Reimar Bauer
11:30 The power of duck typing and linear algrebra Julien Tayon
12:00 It's time for datetime Mario Corchero
12:30 Webpush notifications for Kinto Mansimar Kaur
13:00 Tanker Bertrand Chenal
13:30 OSINT Tools for Security Auditing José Manuel Ortega
14:00 rinohtype - the Python document processor Brecht Machiels

2017-02-05 / UD2.120 (Chavanne)

Hour Title Speaker
09:00 Introduction to Pandas Sahil Dua
09:30 Python and "the SOLID principles" Jonathan Slenders
10:00 Storing metrics at scale with Gnocchi Julien Danjou
10:30 Selinon Fridolín Pokorný
11:00 Hacking midi devices with StepPy Yann Gravrand
11:30 GrimoireLab Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona
12:00 Script the Web with Weboob François Revol
12:30 Python Data Structures implementation Flavien Raynaud
13:00 Cloud Native Python Floris Bruynooghe
13:30 Debugging Hung Python Processes with GDB Brian Bouterse
14:00 Asynchronous programming with Coroutines in Python Ewoud Van Craeynest
14:30 Python and Raspberry Pi Ben Nuttall
15:00 How to run a stable benchmark Victor Stinner
15:30 prompt_toolkit Jonathan Slenders
16:00 asynctest Martin Richard
16:30 Optimizing with PuLP Marc-Andre Lemburg